Getting a Government Grant? You'll need a Survey!

A heat loss survey is required to obtain a government grant.

We handle all stages of this for you. The site survey takes approximately half a day on site, plus half a day collating the information and data into reports. An in-depth quote will then be produced from this.

Surveys cost £250.00 as an initial payment. If you choose not to accept the quotation, the information is passed onto you for you to use with an alternative supplier. If you choose to accept the quotation, the £250.00 charge is still paid as an initial fee but will be deducted from the final invoice balance. 

A heat loss survey is the only accurate way to obtain information for energy savings. You also need this to ensure you are installing the right equipment within your property. This also provides an insight into which areas of your house need more insulation and helps you to establish where your money is best spent.